For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.

Tailored lighting for your space


We tell stories with light. Our lamps are the letters of our alphabet. Every lighting solution is a tale, a chapter in our story.
In a constant dialogue between direct, indirect and diffuse light, we underline paths, highlight places, enhance the spaces and functions of a room.

We like to design, imagine, invent unique solutions for each place, creating a theatrical narration that can thrill and charm.

Every situation needs a unique, different light.
Ours is a tailored light, made to measure for the client, their personality and the space to light.
This is why we offer a customised, modular design service to meet the needs and type of client.

Our mission is to find your own, personal and uniquely perfect light.
Contact us, we will discover it together.

We offer different types of support:

  • Digital concept books offering a range of lighting solutions
  • Lighting checks and projects
  • Site inspections
  • Pre- and after-sales site assistance
  • Projects presented in person or in videoconference mode

Our staff is at your disposal to evaluate your needs and present you our technical and lighting solutions.

Request our project consultancy
Le Calandre | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved
Le Calandre
Studio associato
Studio associato
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Caffè Grande
Caffè Grande
Hotel Birmingham
Hotel Birmingham
Locanda Sensi
Locanda Sensi
Casa in campagna | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved
Casa in campagna
A story. A story of light.

Discover the path of light we divide into chapters, in which every title suggests a possible key to interpretation.

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