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Privacy Policy

This Website collects some Personal Data from its Users.
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Who is your personal data disclosed to?
The personal data provided may be disclosed to authorized dealers, Davide Groppi business partners and to other European companies of the Davide Groppi Spazio Esperienze brand (see table below) and to the suppliers responsible for the maintenance of this website.
Davide Groppi s.r.l. business partners list:

Business partners
  • authorized dealers
  • agents
Davide Groppi Spazio Esperienze
  • Spazio Esperienze Milano
  • Spazio Esperienze Piacenza
  • Spazio Esperienze Bologna
  • Spazio Esperienze Verona
  • Spazio Esperienze Mallorca
  • Spazio Esperienze Parma
  • Spazio Esperienze Seoul
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