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Davide Groppi s.r.l. is committed to operating in an ethical manner and, for this purpose, has adopted a process for managing reports, even anonymously, that can contribute to the prevention of offences, irregularities or conduct in violation of its Code of Ethics, the Model of Organisation, Management and Control ex Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, company procedures and applicable legislation, or in any case likely to cause damage or harm, including image or reputation, to Davide Groppi s.r.l..

Davide Groppi s.r.l. strongly encourages the reporting in good faith of any possible irregularity. However, it is essential to stress that false or vexatious statements, mere suspicions or rumors, complaints of a personal nature or unfounded claims will not be tolerated. In such cases, disciplinary action will be taken against those who abuse the Procedure.

For the submission and management of reports, Davide Groppi s.r.l. has created a specific Whistleblowing procedure and a dedicated IT platform, in full compliance with the current GDPR and data management regulations.

If you want to make a report, access the platform.

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