For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.
Our lighting solutions are currently available to see and purchase in our "Spazio Esperienze" and at the finest interior design stores around the world.

What is a "Spazio Esperienze"?
A place where Davide Groppi’s light finds its context, its perfect position. 

A world devoted exclusively to our light, which here lives, vibrates, dialogues with the spaces and the furnishing complements.

In our "Spazio Esperienze", the journey leading to the purchase becomes an experience, an immersion in light scenarios, ideas and innovative solutions.
"Spazio Esperienze" are spaces open to all, where our enthusiastic designers work with you to imagine your ideal light.

We look for amazement in the eyes of the beholder, a thin balance of light and shadow, solids and voids, spaces and emotions.
We wish to offer visitors an intense, intimate and unforgettable occasion, lighting their dreams... and their desire to return.

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Spazio Esperienze Milano

Via Medici 13
20123 Milano MI

Spazio Esperienze Piacenza

Via Trento 24
29122 Piacenza PC

Spazio Esperienze Bologna

Via dell'Inferno 16/b
40126 Bologna BO

Spazio Esperienze Verona

Corso Milano 138
37138 Verona VR

Spazio Esperienze Mallorca

Plaça de Sant Antoni 4 Bj A
7002 Palma de Mallorca 

Spazio Esperienze Parma

Str. Luigi Carlo Farini 92A
43121  Parma  PR

Spazio Esperienze Seoul

103-2 Yangjaecheon-ro, Seocho-gu
06748 Seoul 
South Korea

Spazio Esperienze Porto

Rua Professor Jaime Rios de Sousa, nº 3
4050-309 Porto 

Spazio Esperienze New York

192 Lexington Ave
10016 New York 
United States
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