For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.

Novelties 2024


On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2024, from April 16 to 21, we invite you to discover the new collection in our new space in MILANO MANZONI 38, in the heart of the city. 
A place of meeting, representation, seduction, in which light is the protagonist.

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"Our work on the topics of lightness, invention, magic and ideography continues.
Our ideal alphabet grows to include new letters for telling new stories of light."

Davide Groppi


Design Maurici Ginés, 2024

The ribbon is a symbol of union and continuity.
The light reaches the table spontaneously, almost as if a continuation of the electric cable.
Ribbon is the result of research into simple and intuitive graphic gestures.
A project that brings light to the table, in a certain formal sense.

The base is in black marble, the arms in matt black painted aluminium, connected by a black silicone pipe.
The particularly strong joint allows the lamp to be positioned along the vertical axis.
The light can also be adjusted around the base.
The transformer has a USB-C plug.
Simply touch the sensor at end of the upper arm to switch the light on and off and adjust the brightness.

RIBBON _ Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved


Design Davide Groppi, 2024

Technology has allowed us to rethink the classic floor lamp, seeking the essence of its function.
A base, a stem, a head, STOP.
A circle in space, an ideographic project in which idea becomes form and function.
The disc can be oriented, while the luminous flux is extremely generous.

The base is in matt black painted steel, the stem in polished chromed brass and the adjustable head is in Gravity Black matt black painted steel.
The transformer has a plug.

STOP - Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved


Design Enzo Calabrese - Davide Groppi, 2024

A star that shines in the sky.
We wanted to go further, beyond the usual meaning of a floor lamp.
It is like watching a tiny miracle, an unexpected magic.
A soft glow comes from far away, suggesting unforeseen solutions and indicating lost details.

Base in painted steel, stem in painted fibreglass, adjustable head in painted aluminium.
Transformer supplied separately.
Power unit available with chargeable battery with 12 hours’ duration.

The new finishes are: 
_40 Grey Beige
_35 Grey Green
_20 Magic Blue

© Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved


Design Davide Groppi, 2023

A simple and elegant wall lamp.
The light is projected both upwards and downwards, offering incredible lightness to the design.

The cone is in matt black or matt white painted steel.
The stem and base are in brass with galvanised polished gold finish.
Total matt white version also available.

ViceVersa _ Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved

COLIBRÌ _ Shelf and USB-C

Design Davide Groppi, 2024

Two accessories for our Colibrì system: a support base and a USB-C port.
Everything we need is by the bed: the light, a book and a charger for our mobile devices.

Matt black painted steel base.
ABS socket with matt black finish.

Colibrì _ Shelf and USB-C - Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved


For us, colour research is a journey through the aesthetics and meanings that belong to us.
Primary and secondary colours are interpreted delicately, enriched with mysterious shades and tones.
They are colours that we recognise, that come from nature, combining simplicity and modernity.


Design Davide Groppi, 2013

A timeless icon with an eye on the future.
Portable and rechargeable, the greatest expression of freedom.
With TeTaTeT, every table becomes a meeting place, a complete dining experience. Its light caresses those it illuminates with pure emotion.

Equipped with Touch technology and a magnetic fixing base.

The new finishes are: 
_27 Gravity Black
_31 Black Red
_30 Grey Blue
_33 Black Green
_35 Grey Green
_40 Grey Beige

TeTaTeT - Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved


Design Enzo Calabrese - Davide Groppi, 2011

A special project, an authentic ready-made.
Obtained from a flexible fishing rod, it is a delicate and elegant sign, which brings to mind the subtle branches of a willow tree or bamboo canes floating on a light breeze.
Sampei is an unexpected gift, it is the magic of looking up, using light as a hook, and being amazed by so much weightlessness. The light is the fisherman’s line, catching faces, gazes, people.

The new finishes are: 
_37 Copper Brown
_41 Umbra Grey
_20 Magic Blue


Design Enzo Calabrese - Davide Groppi, 2011

The new finishes are: 
_40 Grey Beige
_35 Grey Green
_20 Magic Blue

SAMPEI - image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved

Gold Finish

Gold, capable of giving an unexpected brightness, wants to underline, sometimes with a bit of irony, a special detail of the spaces in which we live.
A new interpretation, a new light.

Mira; Mira Binario; Mira Magnetic; Mira R
Dot Binario; Dot Binario 51; Dot Frameless; Dot P; Dot P 51; Dot P DE; Dot P DE 51
Spot; Spot Binario

Gold Finish - Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved

New proposals

To live a total experience, to make memorable the visit in our space,
new proposals are added to the collection of our lamps.


Design Davide Groppi, 2024

We think so far ahead that sometimes we go backwards.
Before LEDs, fire.
A minimal, rational candlestick.

Transparent vase in borosilicate glass.
Candlestick in mirror-finish stainless steel.
T-Light format candle.

ANTE LITTERAM - Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved


Design Davide Groppi, 2024

Our perfume.
The memory of our light.

A container, a lid and two diffuser sticks.
Transparent vase in borosilicate glass.

OMBRA - Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved


Design Michele Groppi, 2024

We like to combine the letters of our alphabet to create anagrams, words, light stories.
Anagramma is a project-object, for holding flowers, thoughts, love notes.
The pieces of the puzzle can be composed as you like.

Element in aluminium with galvanised polished gold finish.

Anagramma - Image | © Davide Groppi srl | All Rights Reserved
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