davide groppi

luce indipendente


Spazio Esperienze

Essenza. Spazio. Luce.

Essence, space and light: three words to define Davide Groppi’s thought. We decided we needed to be in closer contact with the people who were interested to live our emotions and that’s why we started the “Spazio Esperienze” project in 2012.
“Spazio Esperienze” is a place where we exhibit the results of our work. We welcome designers and anyone interested in witnessing our lighting projects first-hand.
It’s a place where we tell our stories, explain how our projects came about, demonstrate the ingenuity and imagination, the passion and organisation, the heart and mind behind what we do.

“Spazio Esperienze” has been inspired by two different but complementary schools: Scandinavian and Japanese.
Our lamps resonate with Northern European design: vintage objects and furniture that share the same kind of simplicity and weightlessness, but that also combine emotion and functionality.
Furthermore, there is an essential quality to what we do that recalls Japanese culture.
Scandinavia and Japan appear to be two very different worlds, but they share a common purity, as well as the ability to work from the essential character of things, creating a unique and recognisable style
in a fresh, clear and linear manner.

What we are looking for in our “Spazio Esperienze” is to provide our visitors with an unforgettable experience, something intense and intimate.


Via Medici 13



Via Trento 24



Via dell’Inferno 16/B



Corso Milano 138