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Sistemi – Light without any limits


With Sistemi, we deal with complexity, offering the possibility of composing light in space with maximum freedom.
Like letters that become words and stories on a page, or notes that come to life on a musical score.
We have transformed and dematerialized light-objects to make them disappear, making light pure emotion.
Lines, wires, strips, points that take the challenge one step further, seeking to definitively free the light into space.

Direct, indirect, diffused light.
Light running on digital tracks, ultra-light and almost invisible wires, modular tapes that can be laid limitlessly on stairs, windows, glass panels. Circuits that close, accent lighting, ultra-light diodes.
All this is Sistemi, a structure integrating four different, modular and compatible designs.
A sign made of different lines, different thicknesses, with the linearity of an ink pen that, rather than tracing ink marks, leaves lines of light.

Technology helps to break down the boundaries.
Absolute freedom, absolute spatiality, absolute creativity.

Davide Groppi in conversation with Franco Tagliaferri – Vice Director ClassCnbc (NBC Universal Group)

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The beating heart of Sistemi, Endless is an adhesive, conductive strip that can be applied to any kind of surface.
The Endless system was designed and patented to bring “potential differences” wherever you want them, creating graphic digital designs. This way current can run anywhere, allowing you to connect more than one luminaire at the same time.
Every space becomes an electronic circuit where light can be positioned with the greatest freedom.


Infinito is an ultra-thin strip that cuts through the space producing an indirect light. It is made from a special stainless steel measuring just 18 millimetres wide. It can be adapted, oriented, cut, hung between two walls or from ceiling to floor, up to 24 metres in length (standard versions at 6 / 12 metres in length).

Flash is the declination into direct light of Infinito. A metal belt, only 9 millimetres wide, ideal for lighting very high spaces. Flash creates a minimal sign, a richly dynamic and understated power, a linear shard of clean, direct and diffused light.


Light runs on a wire. An almost imperceptible wire, suspended in space.
Ohm’s secret is a special single-pole cable running between two walls.
The source is practically hidden, discreet and intangible. Ohm draws the space, creating almost invisible cobwebs that support the diodes, sources of projected light, tiny light sources suspended in a vibrating space.

What brings the Sistemi products together? What joins Endless, Infinito, Flash and Ohm?
The possibility to take light anywhere, freely, without any electrical constraints.
A light that creates itself, that powers itself.

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