davide groppi

luce indipendente


Origine - davide groppi

Photo credits: Fausto Mazza

Light project: Davide Groppi

Customer: Nomad-Circle

St. Moritz

‘Percorsi Luminosi’ from Davide Groppi are crossing St. Moritz searching for a special light for Nomad.

For the occasion, Davide Groppi welcomes Nomad visitors with the light of four ORIGINE, which gives light to the entrance façade in a delicate and fascinating way.
Ideally, ORIGINE are thin blades of grass which appear as mystical and sophisticated figures in the St. Moritz setting.
It is a non-invasive project but at the same time full of personality.
The unreleased project Chlorophyll, artwork by the artist Simone Crestani in collaboration with Davide Groppi. is presentet and displayed by the Volumnia gallery in the Baroque building. The purity of light of Nulla resonates with the artwork made of glass by Simone Crestani, inducing a marvellous and moving effect.
The light of the product Moon greets the visitors at the entrance of the exhibition, between the light marks of the Nulla and TeTaTeT products.