davide groppi

luce indipendente


Light project: Davide Groppi

Customer: Musei di Palazzo Farnese


“Why illuminate works of art?
Why light a work of art that was conceived with the idea of being viewed using only natural light, or at most the light from candles or a lantern?
The risk is to create an effect that was unintended by its creator, thereby falsifying what the art was meant to be.
It is only by understanding the methods and intentions used in creating a work of art that one can find significance in it and can tell story of a work of
art through illumination. This is the idea behind photo-graphy: writing with light.
It is exactly what we intended to do with the dome of Piacenza’s Cathedral. The idea was to tell a story that would allow people to understand that light is not only vision; it is also communication, emotion, wonder”.