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House in Montalcino

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Project: Marco Pignattai Architect - Gerda Vossaert Interior Architect

Light project: Davide Groppi - Spazio Esperienze Piacenza


The light was designed to “embrace” the house, maintaining the true nature of its origins and respecting its heritage.
The search for truth is our mission when we work to illuminate any space.
The common denominator of this project is threshold light that greets guests to the house and leads them invitingly into the various spaces and rooms contained within.
Our impressive and enormous Moon illuminates the kitchen, creating a soft light in which to cook and eat, but also giving a romantic appearance to the kitchen from the outside.
The tables have been lit with emphasis to better accompany moments of sharing, friendship and intimate conversation.
Of course, there is also “service” lighting, where it’s more the light than the idea behind it that counts: for example, our invisible Nulla lights in the pool or the familiar Toast and Dot lamps in the chambers and bathrooms.
The external part of the house is illuminated solely with points of light. We believe in lighting exteriors as little as possible, or at least doing it in a very delicate way.
The main doors are monogrammed with naked light bulbs containing filaments that are visible and dimly lit: a little invention of ours for the occasion.
Finally, we have used the light from the windows to illuminate the space directly around the house, devised a technical solution to illuminate passageways and erected an IMU to greet with a smile all the people who will have the great fortune to visit this dreamland.