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Light project: Davide Groppi

Customer: Piacenza's Cathedral

Dome of Piacenza's Cathedral

The dome of the Cathedral in Piacenza has been illuminated in a new and innovative way as part of the event, “Guercino in Piacenza”.

The idea for the dome of Piacenza’s Cathedral was to tell a story to allow people to understand that light is not only vision; it is also communication, emotion, wonder."
Davide Groppi

Piacenza in 2017 pays homage to Giovanni Francesco Barbieri best known as Guercino, by organising a spectacular event that involves the Catherdral of Piacenza and the Farnese Palace. It is a unique journey through the sacred and the profane.
Davide Groppi was contacted by the organisers of the event to illuminate the works of the 17th Century master using the latest in
state-of-the-art technology. The works of art by Guercino on exhibit include 20 masterpieces located in the Ducal Chapel of the Farnese Palace,
but overall the frescos on the dome of Piacenza’s Cathedral, which visitors will be able to climb up and view more closely only during the
course of this special event.
The lighting project involves the utilisation of luminous diode projectors that exalt the chromatic characteristics of the artwork, conceived ad hoc and positioned around the perimeter or the upper part of the dome. A “neutral” kind of illumination of the space has thus been created by
Davide Groppi, respecting the original intentions of the Artist.
The six Prophets of Guercino, the lunettes with episodes from the life of Jesus as a boy, the beautiful Sibyls and the drum come back to life in
all their colourful splendour and majesty.
Thanks to a sophisticated system of dome illumination, visitors will be able to witness the history of the decorations through its illumination,
with sequential lighting of the various works of art, from the most antique dome vaults by Morazzone, to the Prophets of Guercino up to the
lunettes and the frieze.
This new way of lighting allows spectators a more true-to-life rendition of the colours and chiaroscuro of the artwork on the dome.