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Aqua Crua

aquacrua_6 aquacrua_5 aquacrua_4 aquacrua_7 aquacrua_8 aquacrua_9 aquacrua_11 aquacrua_12 aquacrua_13 AQUA CRUA RESTAURANT - DAVIDE GROPPI
Aqua Crua Restaurant - light project davide groppi

Light project: Davide Groppi - Spazio Esperienze Piacenza

Barbarano Vicentino

There isn't a better presentation of chef Giuliano Baldessarri to describe his cuisine and restaurant Aqua Crua in Barabarano Vicentino.
“I understood when I was very young that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Around the table my farther used to talk to me every night while my mother was silently cooking. Probably it was then that the idea of Aqua Crua was born. From there the idea formed of the kitchen being in the living room. A kitchen without barriers. No stage, no teather, no play. Simply the feeling of sitting around the table to celebrate an old ritual. Welcome in our kitchen".
When we designed the light for Aqua Crua we tried to respect this idea.
Only Nulla.
The restaurant is lit only by our project Nulla. The rest is magic.