davide groppi

luce indipendente



LUCE FUORI” is our proposal of outdoor lighting solutions developed to understand the surroundings of the home as another room of the home itself.
A narration through light to understand the outdoors.

We have always imagined bringing light outdoors with the same poetic we use inside the home. We like to think that, seeing the final project, a coherent thought and truth are recognisable.
Artificial light is not only vision, but also aesthetics, knowledge through the senses.

We apply five paradigms for the use of light outdoors.

The light from windows is the simplest way of using light outdoors, as the light that comes from inside can sometimes perfectly illuminate the outside of the house.
The doorstep light is a symbolic use of light, to say hello and goodbye to people on the doorstep in a beautiful light.
The light of pathways is the idea of light as a tool for guiding people along a path or emphasising the hierarchies of spaces and functions.
The light as depth is the possibility to use light to create a three-dimensional vision of space, for example by placing a light beneath a tree in the background.
The light of an encounter. An example, meeting around a table on a May evening, with a beautiful, delicate light, is fantastic. Outdoor spaces have no ceiling, they have only the starry sky, and that is why, over time, we developed some solutions with rechargeable batteries.

For us light is not only technique, but first of all meaning.