davide groppi

luce indipendente


Amedeo G. Cavalchini with Noemi Lattanzio,

Wood - Methacrylate - Metal

Table lamp

A ray of light appears to shine into a room from a window, resting casually on the surface of a lamp and lighting the surrounding area.
“Daughter of the morning”. Tomoko is the result of lengthy research in the field of light and well-being and the benefits of natural light reproduced artificially.
lt is possible to re-create sunlight from different times of the day by turning a knob.
The light produced can go from cold light (5000K), similar to that generated by the sun at midday, to warm light (2200K), similar to that at dawn.

  • 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • LED 50 W - 2200K + 45 W - 5000K - 3000 lm
  • matt white