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Davide Groppi,

Metal - Wood - Glass

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There is no light without shadow and no shadow without light.
They co-exist and tell a story.
That’s why the new fragrance by Davide Groppi is called Ombra.
It’s a play on light and aroma.
Perfume, like light, tells a story. It evokes the long gone, uncovers what has been forgotten, touching hearts and minds.
It is the search for simplicity and weightlessness that has been so important in Davide Groppi’s work for the last thirty years. Perfume is not an object; it’s the sensation of an object.
Feel the light and watch Ombra work its charms. Emotions mix and the senses speak.
Ombra is the result of a collaboration between Davide Groppi and Giovanna Zucconi of Serra&Fonseca, who helps turn people’s stories into a fragrance. In the case of Ombra, it is wood and Earth on a dark, mysterious background that becomes a radiant smile.
If emotions are born out of contrast, what Ombra captures is made of glass and brass. It is the force of transparency.
Let your Ombra follow you.

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