davide groppi

luce indipendente


Davide Groppi,


Wall lamp
Length divisible
Standard versions at 6 / 12 metres in length

Infinito is part of Sistemi lighting solutions.
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Infinito is a spatial concept; it is continuous light.
A thin strip made of stainless steel a mere 18 mm in width “cuts” the space to produce indirect light.
It is possible to adapt Infinito to various situations, stretching it from wall to wall or ceiling to floor, according to one’s taste or needs. It comes in strips up to 24 metres in length (standard versions at 6 / 12 metres in length).
Infinito: essence and absence.

Infinito is a system that breaks down the actual lamp and light source, turning it into something else, leaving only a trace, a line and then not even that. It becomes, finally, a concept: light only.
This project pays homage to the art of Lucio Fontana and his spatial concepts.
The graphic force of this system is surprising.
It can be integrated into space, but at the same time it becomes part of that space.

  • 24 V DC
  • LED 60 W - 5448 lm | 120 W LED - 10896 lm
  • matt black