Lighting solutions
Lighting solutions
The lamps we invent every day are the language we use to seduce and tell our stories.
Light everywhere

Absolute freedom, absolute spatiality, absolute creativity.

These are solutions designed to bring light where we want it, starting from non-ideal electrical installations. Working around the world, we often find ourselves in difficulty, with electrical power not available at the right points. Technology helps to break down the boundaries.

Light is free.
With the Systems collection, we manage complexity, offering the possibility to compose light in a space with maximum freedom.
Different, adjustable, compatible products.
Like the notes on a stave,
like the dots and dashes of the Morse Code,
like signs that become words and stories on a blank page.

Light running
on digital tracks,

on ultra-light and almost invisible wires, modular tapes
that can be laid on surfaces like electronic circuits.



An adhesive, conductive strip that can be applied to any kind of surface.
Current can run anywhere, allowing you to connect more than one luminaire at the same time.

Design Davide Groppi, 2018

The ideal light. Your light.
With the Wirelessismore collection, we offer solutions with chargeable batteries.
The cable disappears, and the light loses all its constraints.
It is the light that follows us.

To simplify your gestures.

To enhance authentic emotions with light.

Portable and rechargeable, it has been adopted by the world’s most famous restaurants.
With TeTaTeT, every table becomes a complete dining experience.
Its light caresses those it illuminates with pure emotion.
This is the light that steals the scene.



TeTaTeT was born in 2013. Portable and rechargeable.
Compasso d’Oro ADI Mention of Honour, 2016.

The light on the plate

Light as an ingredient.

The table is a place for meeting, for loving, for sharing.
Each and every detail must touch the depths of the soul, and tend towards beauty.
The restaurants I prefer are those which are able to stimulate all the senses, in a complete multi-sensory journey.
If every aspect of the experience is up to scratch, I will have enjoyed an unforgettable experience.
Lighting is fundamental in creating an emotional journey able to awaken original points of view, surprising details and angles.
Light gives depth and intensity to glances, silences and words.

Discover Restaurants

Discover Restaurants

Restaurant lighting projects.

A research that makes the lamps free from their need for wires
and uncoveres their magic.
Without wires the applications of light are endless.
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