davide groppi

luce indipendente

FAB FOOD Project

Experimenting, crossing the border of the digital continent. 
A boundary is always a temptation and the idea of participating in this project represents the temptation to go further.

With our solutions, we offer the possibility of composing light in space with maximum freedom.
Like imaginary letters of an alphabet which enable us to create anagrams, words and stories.
Stories are our projects of light.

In the Fab Food project by Elle Decor we have used some of our classics, declining what we call the fundamental states of light.
The direct and Caravaggesque light of Nulla or the soft and enveloping suggestion of Moon.
Cartesio, with his reflections, which reflects and returns the surrounding space, Sampei who breaks in with his strangeness and elegance.
Tetatet that offers light as an ingredient of the kitchen and as a convivial element.

Lamps for the project Fab Food

Each of our lamps, each of our projects always carries a story to tell.
And sometimes it is the story itself that stimulates us in the search for the new.
From here, our whole world develops.
A world made of tools, of solutions that we call for light everywhere, of things made with hands, of ready-made, of play and irony and of proposals for outdoor light.

Light becomes a wonderful opportunity to seduce and excite.
Light to see and feel people and spaces.
Light as a vision, but also as an emotion.
Light as mystery, depth and seduction.
Light to illuminate. Light to tell. Emotion and invention.

Lighting is fundamental for the creation of an emotional journey capable of revealing new points of view, surprising angles and details.
Light gives depth and intensity to gazes, silences and words.