davide groppi

luce indipendente


2019, 8 July

When I project the light for a restaurant, my only reference model is Caravaggio.
I’ve always been charmed by light in Caravaggio’s paintings.
Light is never trivial and it is always used in a theatrical way.
It is a cinematographic light.
Characters seem to be coming out from darkness.
According to my vision, the restaurant is theatre.
Restaurants I prefer are places where customer have the chance to live an experience.
It is not only a wine and food experience, but also visual, olfactory, acoustic.

Over the last few years, I have had the chance to create the lighting for some restaurants.
The light on the plate” recounts the thoughts and ideas I have developed over the course of these extraordinary experiences.
“The light on the plate” was born of the idea of putting light centre stage. Light as an ingredient, used courteously but at the same time decisively, on the tables, at the doorway and in the aisles.
A true photographic work, in search of seduction and hospitality.

The table is a place for meeting, for loving, for sharing.
Each and every detail must touch the depths of the soul, and tend towards beauty.
The restaurants I prefer are those which are able to stimulate all the senses, in a complete multi-sensory journey.
If every aspect of the experience is up to scratch, I will have enjoyed an unforgettable experience.
Lighting is fundamental in creating an emotional journey able to awaken original points of view, surprising details and angles.
Light gives depth and intensity to glances, silences and words.

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“La Luce nel piatto” event.
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