davide groppi

luce indipendente


2019, 15 May


From now on, Davide Groppi’s light finds a new home in “Spazio Esperienze” Verona, a new position, a new scenario, a new story, in addition to:

“Spazio Esperienze” Milano
“Spazio Esperienze” Piacenza
“Spazio Esperienze” Bologna

Our story expands in always different and unexpected backgrounds, as light does.
Today our story lands in Verona, with the idea to extend itself more and more, in national and international contexts, following the light’s innate aptitude: spreading.
The position of light is…wherever light is necessary.

Our first “Spazio Esperienze” was opened in Piacenza in December, 2012.
“Spazio Esperienze” is a showroom inside our company developed to allow people to understand more profoundly the essence of our work and to show that our lamps don’t happen magically but are the result of creative intuition, imagination, organization and passion for what we do.

“Spazio Esperienze” is a place where we exhibit the results of our work, it is the culmination of our vision.
We welcome designers and anyone interested in witnessing our lighting projects first-hand.
It is a place where we tell our stories, explain how our projects came about, demonstrate the ingenuity and imagination, the passion and organisation, the heart and mind behind what we do.

Visit our Spazio Esperienze. 


Spazio Esperienze Verona