davide groppi

luce indipendente


2018, 29 November

Light brings to life hidden corners. It provides us with sudden solutions and detail we had forgotten.
It creates fullness or emptiness.  It can take away, or underline the gestures and expressions of the people around it.
Light is never neutral. It acts as a protagonist, guiding our thoughts and actions.
We need it to see things, but also to seduce, to provide a sense of mystery to life, to hint at metaphors and provide scenery destined to become the ever-changing street theatre of our lives.

Conversation between Davide Groppi and Francesco Morace, sociologist and writer  (Future Concept Lab)
Onlife Extramedia Storydoing – Le nuove strategie del Societing.

Teatro Elfo Puccini
29 November 2018
12.00 am