davide groppi

luce indipendente


2018, 18 March


“While inventing these lamps, I was searching for the fundamental manifestations of light.
This has been the most important part of my work.
These are spatial concepts, expressions of light at the simplest, most graphic and integrated form I can imagine.
Light that illuminates, but that also defines space.
We will be presenting out latest creations at Frankfurt. Expect magic, reality, simplicity and complexity”.

Davide Groppi


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This project combines light, shadow and … time.
Like Nulla, Infinito and Pablo, this is another addition to our “Spatial Concept” line.
It creates a presence that is both symbolic and surprising.
This lamp can be installed anywhere, taking advantage of our Endless patent, without the need to put electric wires in one place only.
The shadow of the sundial is also the system used to send electricity to the LED lights.
Light becomes shadow and then goes back to being light.
*(Meridiana – Sundial – Cadran solaire – Reloj de sol – Sonnenuhr)

This system was created and patented by our Team in order to transport electric energy in a digital and graphic manner.
It’s the idea of considering walls and ceilings like electronic circuits so that the positioning of lights and light fixtures can be done easily and freely.
Endless is an adhesive tape that conducts electricity and can be placed anywhere on walls and ceilings to bring electricity to our lighting projects.
This system comes with various accessories to provide and manage the flow of electricity.

For this project, a thin, circular mirror has been suspended in order to provide soft and soothing light.
It combines direct and indirect illumination.
Cartesio pays homage to one of the founders of modern optics.
A sophisticated clamping system allows positioning of the circular mirror where you want, without needing wall or ceiling wires.

This project is based on two different planes and their relationship.
The fundamental characteristics that make this lamp unique are thinness and weightlessness.
A circular mirror can be orientated according to what pleases the eye to illuminate and at the same time to take in the space around it.

This is a lighting solution for walls with a rechargeable battery.
It is simple and extremely versatile, without the need for electric wires.

The idea behind Bugia was to be able to enjoy the wonderful diffused light this lamp provides without the obligation of using electric wires.
However, thanks to a MICRO USB socket at the base of the lamp, it can also function with wires, if a battery is not enough.

In the middle of a designated space, our “contemporary fire”: an electric socket.
All around, a little world to illuminate, inhabit and personalise.
Quaderno is square in order to become a public square where one can find one’s everyday personal belongings.
The general design becomes a-symmetric, so that everyone can have a page to tell his or her story on.
The metal bends and becomes a surface you can put things on, because life is also three-dimensional!