davide groppi

luce indipendente


2017, 27 November

There is a story that towards the middle of the 18th Century, twelve merchants who sold their wares in the nearby Piazza delle Erbe (one of Verona’s most celebrated squares) used to gather at a nearby inn. They enjoyed finishing off their day’s work with a ladle-full of hot pasta and beans and a good glass of wine. The people in town called this unique group of friends the “12 Apostoli”.

That’s how the inn where they used to gather got its name.
Today, the “12 Apostoli” is included among the “Locali Storici d’Italia” (Famous Historic Places of Italy) and has served as the site for many important cultural events in Verona.
The Gioco family manages the inn, opening its doors faithfully every day to welcome customers. Their mission is to keep alive the restaurant’s contribution to the history of Veronese cuisine in a world that is constantly changing.
At a certain point, the Gioco family decided it was time for renovation. They entrusted the fine architectural project to Daniele Dalla Valle. Chef Mauro Buffo also contributed, adding a note of sophistication.
Davide Groppi’s lights not only light up the plates, but can also be found along the corridors, on the thresholds and in the memory of this incredible place of history.

Owners: The Gioco family
Architectural Project: Arch. Daniele Dalla Valle
Chef: Mauro Buffo
Interior Design: Èurema Interni, Padova
Lighting: Davide Groppi with Giulio Barani
Lamps used: Tetatet Flûte, Dot P, Nulla, Sampei, QuiQuoQua, Infinito