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2017, 19 May

The Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus has just completed a fascinating project in the historic and cultural city centre of Lisbon.
An 18th Century building has been transformed into a hotel with six enchanting suites.
Restructuring was done respecting the building’s heritage, adding tranquillity and comfort thanks to the purity that characterises the designer’s work.
The result is a quiet house where visitors are given a warm welcome and treated like old friends.
Santa Clara 1728 is surrounded by monuments, regal palaces and a park with a breath-taking view of the river.
The lighting in the hotel is simply a story. It is used to give depth to the space and welcome its visitors, starting at the thresholds, continuing along the corridors and to the different floors …
Take your time.

The lamps:

MOON 120

www.santaclara1728.com – Photos by: Nelson Garrido