davide groppi

luce indipendente


2017, 4 April


A great experience.
Introducing our new products was like uncovering another part of the soul of our work:
Infinito, Flash, QuiQuoQua, Hashi, Tomoko, Morsetto …
We have created with passion, courage and without compromise.
Once again, we have taken on the challenge to express the impossible, to recreate magic through simplicity, lightness and invention.
I looked deeply into the eyes of the people who passed by our stand and that was enough.
Thanks for everything. I look forward to seeing you soon.



Our “Fuorisalone”:

Via Orobia 15.

Davide Groppi and Paola Lenti’s wires have intertwined to create an exhibition at the fascinating industrial area of Via Orobia, in Milan, Italy. The two designers have collaborated to create “situations” that convey exploration, authenticity, narration and passion.
As in all of Davide Groppi’s projects, light has not only been conceived to illuminate something, but can also tell stories, confer meaning and create metaphors.
The exhibition in Via Orobia offers visitors a good chance to take part in a multi-sensory experience that will take their minds off the hustle and bustle of Milan.

Largo Treves 5, entrance Via Solferino.
Davide Groppi will be lighting the exhibit “Japanese Moder Vintagee” by the Sanwa Company for the next edition of Milan Design Week 2017. The venue for the exhibit will be the prestigious “Solferino Lab” located in the Brera Design District, Milan.
This is a special lighting project created to give greater value to space, establish scenographic areas and accentuate the “modern style and Japanese spirit” of the Sanwa Company.