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2016, 12 September


Davide Groppi’s luminous journey has arrived in Piacenza city …
Davide Groppi will be at  Interni Open Borders Piacenza.

15th september – 16th october, 2016
Piazza della Cittadella, 29

Light Up the Palace*
by Davide Groppi at Cittadella Viscontea of Palazzo Farnese.

Illumination can be a wonderful device to tell stories and give significance to buildings and places, to seduce the observer and make these places mysterious.
In this case, the lighting is not used to illuminate but rather to tell a story.
The moat receives blue light to remind us of the water that once surrounded the fortress. Red evidences the parts of the palace that were never finished.
Yellow in the windows evokes the presence of the Farnese family.
This is a project without boundaries that combines a humanistic approach to history and the use of sophisticated technology to create surprise and wonder in the observer.
All of this, in the final analysis, is the history of Piacenza.
It is the tale of an incredible city that since its conception has been an important hub between North and South, urban and rural life, religious and secular power. It is a place full of stories and steeped in culture.
Open Borders is simplicity and lightness.
The Farnese Palace in Piacenza is an exquisite example of Renaissance architecture, designed regally with a beautiful garden, situated close to the banks of the Po River. Construction of the palace was never completed.
Once finished, it surely would have become one of the most important palaces of Europe. Unfortunately, this was not to be its destiny, but the stories it continues to tell still fascinate people today.

*The project can only be viewed at night.
Open Borders – Piacenza
Ron Tom Tom

Together with the Open Borders project at the Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza, Davide Groppi will also be illuminating a photography exhibit entitled Ron Tom Tom.
The photographs illustrate several works by Ron Arad as interpreted by Tom Vack for Moroso.