davide groppi

luce indipendente


2016, 9 June

The 25th Festival of Milano Musica, sponsored in collaboration with Teatro alla Scala, will be centred on the theme, “Gérard Grisey: Singing The Praises of Light,” with particular attention on how music and light interact and the ways in which sound and sight mix.
The holy scriptures put light as the origin of the universe. Primordial light and sound then merged to form the chaotic mystery of the first moments of existence. The relationship between these two has fascinated people since the beginning of artistic expression.
“Gli Amici di Milano Musica” association, has put together a roundtable of experts in the field of art and design to discuss the relationship between what we see and hear. The event will take place at Magazzino Musica, Via Soave 3, Milan, on Tuesday, the 14th June, at 6:30 pm.
The discussion will be coordinated by Armando Torno (mathematician, musicologist and writer) and will include the following guests: Don Luigi Garbini (priest, composer, writer), Oreste Nicrosini (pianist and Professor of Nuclear Physics at the Universty of Pavia), Cesare Fertonani (Professor of the History of Music at the University of Milano) and Davide Groppi (designer of the PoPuP lamp and sound diffusor).

Roundtable “Music and Light”
Tuesday, 14th June 2016
Magazzino Musica, via Soave 3, Milan
h. 6.00 pm