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2016, 19 February



LUMINAIRE has been a pioneer in the field of design for years. It has organised a special event dedicated to the Davide Groppi label.

The name of the event:  *Mi Ami ? means  “Do you love me ?” in Italian.

LUMINAIRE has always represented the most important interior and creative design companies from all over the world.
Design excellence requires solid support from top-notch suppliers.
The founders of LUMINAIRE, Nasir e Nargis Kassamalis, have spent more than 40 years searching for new talent and quality design suppliers for their shops, exhibits and business meetings.
Nasir Kassamalis has been an absolute innovator in showcasing quality design products and has played a fundamental role in marketing and selling this merchandise to customers in the United States and all over the world.

LUMINAIRE is presenting Davide Groppi’s lighting creations to an evermore-esteemed customer base via a special event created for DESIGNLIVES.

Davide Groppi will be at the Luminaire Lab in Miami on Thursday, February 25th, to discuss his philosophy of lighting and the importance of weightlessness as the fundamental component of all of his creations.
For this particular occasion, the Luminaire showroom on 2nd Avenue will be newly furnished with Davide Groppi creations and guests will be able to experience first-hand an exhibit dedicated to the poetry of Davide Groppi, featuring his MASAI, SIMBIOSI, TETATET, NEURO and SAMPEI lamps.

“Luminaire has always been a kind of reference point for me.
It represents design, furniture and light all over the world.
I have known Nasir and Nargis since 1999, when they visited my little stand at a trade fair in Cologne, Germany, and bought the few lamps I had available then.
I still feel great emotion when I think about being able to present my work and express my intuitions to people in Miami.
I love playing with words (Mi ami?), broken down into the two words “Mi ami” means, “You love me,” in Italian!
How wonderful is that ?
It’s like asking for another confirmation of the great love I have for this profession and for all the people who share my passion for light.”

Davide Groppi


3901 NE 2ND Avenue
Miami, Florida