For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.
Casa Perbellini
Casa Perbellini
Verona, Italy / 2014
In Piazza San Zeno in Verona we illuminated the new restaurant by Giancarlo Perbellini. In “Casa Perbellini” the cuisine becomes centre stage. The chef comes to the stage and creates a unique connection with no barriers with the guests. Entering “Casa Perbellini” means you can live the intimate atmosphere of the kitchen. similar to going to the chef’s house. For this reason we have chosen once again “light in the plate” to bring the experience of light like a fundamental ingredient to the cuisine.
Arch. Silvia Bettini
Light Project
Davide Groppi
Chef Giancarlo Perbellini
Fausto Mazza
Casa Perbellini
Casa Perbellini
Casa Perbellini
A story. A story of light.
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