For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.
Miami Design Week 2021
25 November 2021

Unveiled during Milano Salone del Mobile fair in September, the exhibition "Buio. Utopias of light" by Davide Groppi continues in Miami at Luminaire Lab in occasion of Miami Design Week and Miami Beach Art Basel 2021.

"Buio". An exhibition of unique projects, but also of future creations, possible and impossible.
Artificial light reveals itself in an original, playful, amazing way, as if it was for the first time.
The creations appear as distant glimmers, feeble presences in darkness.
They are works of free fantasy, negations of functionality and rationality, contradictions, allegories, utopias.
Discover "Buio. Utopias of light"

For this occasion, Davide Groppi has partnered with Luminaire to allow the experience featured in Buio to be auctioned in support of the fight in honor of Robert DerHagopian, director of the Breast Center at Miami Cancer Institute.
To bring a piece of design curiosity home while bringing hope and light to those who need it.
Each utopia of light has a Certificate of Authenticity that proves its uniqueness.

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OPENING RECEPTION with Davide Groppi and Nasir Kassamali
2 DECEMBER 2022 6.00 / 8. 30 PM
Luminaire Lab, Miami

The exhibition is on display until 31 December 2021.

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"Buio" in Miami is the expression and continuation of the relationship between Davide Groppi with Nasir and Nargis Kassamali, founders of Luminaire. The encounter in 1999 in Cologne marked the beginning of a beautiful story nourished by art, light and friendship. It marked the story of a group of people who have experienced these twenty years in the world of design with passion and authenticity. Luminaire’s mission is to serve as a platform for discovery, a lens through which to see beyond the surface of design and explore the nuances and poetry found in the work of the creative minds that enrich the world of good design.

A story. A story of light.
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