For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.
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28 July 2020

Art in light, light in art.

Painting as inspiration, constant reference.
Theatrical light, born of the idea of putting things centre stage.
Tailored light, custom-made suit for the work of art.
Lighting as synthesis and subtraction.

A path, a narration through light that goes back to the etymology of the word “photography” - writing with light - to deepen and understand the importance of the relationship between Davide Groppi Light and Art.





In search of the perfect light
"Dressing in light" a work of art for exhibitions or events is, above all, an honour and a privilege … but it takes great responsibility. The risk is to create an effect that was unintended by its creator, thereby falsifying what the art was meant to be.

What would the author have wanted? Which type of light will best enhance the deep meaning of the work of art?
Which will reveal an unexpected but fundamental detail?
Thinking to the suitable light for art means knowing the meaning of the work of art, the artist’s intentions, choosing the story to tell and how to tell it. A narration through light that goes back to the etymology of the word “photography”: writing with light.


Subtract to unveil, hide to reveal
Illuminating art is a work of synthesis. Removing rather than adding, hiding the light source to the maximum.
By taking off, the lamp-object unveils, reveals, leaving the centre of the scene at the work of art, from which the light flows, almost as if it were born from within.
Each work of art will have its perfect light, like a tailored suit, hand-sewn and modelled by the tailor.
For this reason, we like to talk about “tailored light”, personalized through reflection and knowledge.
A light that can understand the moment of creation in the artist’s mind, and return it to the eye that admires the work of art.
A narrative and theatrical light, but also discreet and respectful.
Not invasive but not fearful, not pretentious but still incisive.
Alchemical harmony of illusory contrasts, lateral thinking applied to art.

The tailored light of Davide Groppi: some examples
Seizing the essence of the work, dressing it in a tailored suit of light.
Writing a story of light that has art as its protagonist.
A story that aims not only to “show” the work but, above all, to communicate its emotion and charm.
This is the profound mission of Davide Groppi’s tailored lighting. A goal to be achieved through the balance between direct and indirect light, the close relationship between the work of art and its environment, the search for the essential, the art of subtraction.
Each project is a new story of light.

For example, when lighting the interior of the dome of Piacenza’s Cathedral, we sought the maximum of discretion and lightness, thinking of light as the last colour of Guercino’s ethereal palette.

For the Mantegna exhibition in Mantua we thought of an harmony of direct and indirect light, thanks to the use of reflective surfaces capable of replicating and refracting the light in order to highlight details from below, although the logistics of the place obligated to light the installations from above.

Lighting the Vittorio Emanuele II’s apartment at Moncalieri Castle in 2017, after the fire that had seriously damaged it, has represented a particular challenge. Creating a dynamic illumination thank to the use of special lamps and totems for ambient lighting, we have tried to tell the story of the place while revealing both the past and the present. A cyclic light, in constant movement, capable of expressing both the drama of today and the magnificence of yesterday.

These are just a few examples of the tailored light that we talked about: chosen each time taking into account the work of art, the intent of the artist, the context in which it is immersed.
A light respectful of art, which knows how to make the most powerful strings of emotion vibrate.
Because the position of light is … wherever light is necessary. And nothing is more necessary than art.


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Copywriter Michele Mingrone

A story. A story of light.
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