For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.
Contemporaries at Palazzo Borromeo
03 March 2021

We are honored to announce that our Origine lamp has been selected, together with other works of art and design, to enrich the interiors of the Italian Embassy to the Holy See

Bud of Light.
Design Davide Groppi and Giorgio Rava, 2020

The project was born with the aim of updating the close link with art, culture and artifacts that have characterized the long history of Palazzo Borromeo and of enriching its interiors, cloister and gardens, with works of art by great Italian contemporary artists, which are added to the works of masters of the tradition. The initiative aims to combine two dimensions to promote our country: the cultural one, since it intends to give a sense of the strong continuity and primacy of the Italian artistic tradition with contemporary cultural expressions, and the economic one, with the aim of giving further visibility to artists and designers - already widely known internationally - and also to our extraordinary companies and manufactures, in the spirit of helping to increase their presence in foreign markets and to represent the best of Italian art and excellence in the world.

The exhibition, promoted by Amb. Pietro Sebastiani and built with the contribution of Banca del Fucino and MAECI, was curated by the Architect Renata Cristina Mazzantini.

A story. A story of light.
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