For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.

The Davide Groppi space

lives in a synergic relationship of space and light,
it is a place of encounters, composition,
representation and seduction.

More than a store, a world devoted exclusively to our light, which here lives, vibrates, dialogues with the spaces and the furnishing complements.

Our lamps resonate with Northern European design: vintage objects and furniture that share the same kind of simplicity and weightlessness, but that also combine emotion and functionality.
There is an essential quality to what we do that recalls Japanese culture.
Two different but complementary schools, Scandinavian and Japanese, that appear to be different worlds, but they share a common purity, as well as the ability to work from the essential character of things, creating a unique and recognisable style in a fresh, clear and linear manner.

Special thanks to Danord, vintage Scandinavian design furniture.

Essence. Space. Light.

Three words to define
our thought.

We are looking for astonishment in the eyes of those who perceive what is behind our lamps: that subtle balance of light we attempt to create every day.
We want to provide our visitors with an unforgettable experience, something intense and intimate to light up their dreams, and give them a reason to return.

Ours is the constant search for a delicate and enveloping ambient light, with a theatrical touch.
It’s almost as if it sneaks into the picture, enhancing the object or detail to be illuminated without being noticed.

A light that reveals itself only after curiosity about where it is coming from arises.

That’s when the surprise comes. That’s the magic.

A vision that expands itself, as light does, in national and internation contexts.

The Davide Groppi space is not only a store;
it is the place where we exhibit the results of our work.
We welcome designers and anyone interested in witnessing our lighting projects first-hand.

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