For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.
Private residence in Saluzzo
Private residence in Saluzzo
Saluzzo, Italy / 2022
The property is built on pre-existing small medieval buildings, respecting and enhancing the suggestions inherited from the ancient history of the building. The character of the house is thus inspired by the stylistic elements found in the pre-existence.
Through the forepart of the entrance, characterized by original decorations taken in their entirety, you enter the house accompanied by the light of DOT P wall lamp. The first room in which you are welcomed is illuminated by FLASH, which with its light guides you to discover the rest of the house. In the large living room, characterized by the large barrel vault, the bright colors and BANNER and MASAI lighting solutions give an elegant and delicate light to the environment. From here, you reach the kitchen, whose island is enhanced by the light of OHM, suspended in space.
Arch. Sandra Milone
Light Project
Arch. Sandra Milone and Borgo Design
Patrizia Galliano for Martina Design, Barbara Corsico
Private residence in Saluzzo
Private residence in Saluzzo
A story. A story of light.
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