For once, we switch off the light to illuminate, and switch it on to tell a story.

Novelty 2022


One More Light”, on the occasion of Milano Design Week 2022 from June 6 to 12 at Spazio Esperienze Milano, is a presentation of our most essential and surprising works, with some novelties and some unexpected products.

“I think that some lamps were hidden inside me for a very long time.
Then, perhaps in a dream, a meeting, a dialogue, it all comes back to you, and the intuition comes to you there and then.
One night, while travelling, I imagined "One More Light" as the most authentic expression of our soul, and instantly thought of our passion for light.”

Davide Groppi


Antennas have always inspired me.
They are mysterious, absolute and intrinsically beautiful, because their essentialness expresses nothing more than their function.

I imagined creating an antenna of light, an object that could capture all the good vibrations that surround us and turn them into visible waves. 

A performing, adjustable and extremely comfortable light.
FM is made with Extradark technology.

Table lamp with microswitch dimmer
5 V DC – 1,5 W LED
2700K – 154 lm – CRI>90
3000K – 179 lm – CRI>90

Discover our other novelties…

A continuous experiment that has led us to rethink some of our most popular lamps and to present an absolute novelty.

The source disappears, only the light remains.
An alphabet of dots and lines.
A powerful LED and a subtle mirror.
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